CRM systems and OnSite CRM

Every business has customers and managing the relationship with new, existing and potential customers is one of the most important day-to-day tasks of any successful business.

To help this there are a range of off-the-shelf Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.  Because these systems are trying to be all things to all people they can be quite unwieldy, difficult to setup and the best ones can be quite expensive. They also tend to focus on the sales side of the relationship, rather than help with the delivery of your services,  and lets face it - how many businesses are there that are just like yours?

Because of the expense and complexity of these systems many companies use a combination of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Outlook to manage their customers and contacts and manage their business. 

Our OnSite CRM product manages customers and contacts in a simpe to use application. Better still, it can be extended by purchasing bespoke modules that suit your needs.

OnSite CRM has been built in such a way as to make it simple for Darwin to extend it in any way, meaning we can develop a custom solution just for your business.  Throw away those unwieldy spreadsheets and paper files and let Darwin develop the system that lets you and your colleagues run your business.

Contact us for more information about how OnSite CRM can be made to manage your business or download our demo version and start feeling the power of a computer system that fits your business.


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