The Vision Platform is Darwin's flagship product for managing and publishing your video and audio content on the Web.

What is Vision ?

Vision is a MULTI-FORMAT and MULTI MEDIUM platform of products designed to:

  • Manage Media Assets using categorisation and meta tagging
  • Upload Media Assets to CDN’s
  • Create Content items from one or many Assets.
  • Create Content lists from one or many Content items.
  • Associate adverts and advertising platforms with Content Items and Content Lists.
  • Present content lists on websites for playback.
  • Utilize appropriate media-player technology as needed. 

Vision will help you to store, categorise and group your Media Assets into play lists and schedules and then publish those lists to any web site or to other organisations for syndication or for storage in a CMS.

Vision has been built to allow new publish methods to be added, meaning we can publish your content in any way you wish, either in XML, HTML, as an ASCX control, PHP or anything you can think of.  This flexibility means that with a bit of work there is nothing you cannot do with Vision to get your content on the web!

Vision integrates with many of the major on-line Advert providers and conforms to the VAST standard.  Darwin has contacts with Advertising providers and can arrange to include adverts with your content if required.  Just ask us!

The Vision Player allows you to mix various video formats such as Flash or WMV and play them seamlessly within the same Content Item. For example a Flash Advert followed seamlessly by a WMV video.

The Vision Subscription module is also used to manage Video purchases and ensure play-back is only available to valid users.

Download our presentation to find out more or Contact us to find out how Vision can help you get the most out of your Video library!


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